Dr. Kerstin Schulte, PFI InstitutsleiterinSuccessful construction of Germany’s largest plant for biological methanation at the Pirmasens-Winzeln Energy Park is attracting increasing attention on the part of the specialist press and experts from science, politics, and business.

We see this as both confirmation and motivation to continue on our chosen path. The main interest of the scientists and engineers at PFI is constantly focussed on the transferability of research results from the laboratory into everyday practice.

In this Newsletter you can read about our ongoing activities. As is customary, we also provide information about the current status of some of our research projects, this time about BYPROVAL and SaliChem.

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Spotlight on Power-to-Gas

Lesen Sie den vollstänigen Artikel (pdf)Development of innovative concepts for the sustainable production of biobased materials of value and for the generation and storage of bioenergy are key research topics at PFI Biotechnology.

The PFI Power-to-Gas-(P2G) Pilot Plant at the Energy Park is a textbook example of our research strategy.

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SaliChem ‒ A Cornet Showcase Project

Halophyten, so weit das Auge reichtHow to exploit salt-tolerant plants for the production of biomass and basic chemicals and, in addition, to manage soil remediation, could be successfully shown by the research project SaliChem (please also see our article below in the research section).

The Cornet research network, funding body of the project, has selected the SaliChem project to showcase it among its biggest success stories.

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SME Innovation Day in Berlin

Link zum vollständigen Artikel (pdf)More than 300 innovative small and medium sized enterprises, research institutes and cooperation networks from all over Germany came together for the annual Innovation Day in Berlin on 18 May 2017.

PFI was there and presented, inter alia, a biorefinery concept for a salt-tolerant plant (Spartina maritima), from which multiple valuable products, such as lutein, sugar and ethanol can be produced.

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VAAMPFI at Microbiology and Infection Conference

Link zur DGHM-WebseiteMicrobiology and Infection 2017 ‒ 5th Joint Conference of the DGHM & VAAM took place in Würzburg on March 6‒8. The principal topics of interest were antibiotics and resistance, microbiome and commensalism, as well as host niches and infection models.

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Waste to Wealth

The BYPROVAL joint research project currently being undertaken by PFI Biotechnology and the Belgian research institute Celabor   examines the extraction of valuable constituents of three selected residual products from fruit and vegetable cultivation or processing.

Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)The main focus is on the residues from pea processing (stalks, leaves, pods), apple pomace, and carrots, which are rich in valuable secondary plant products.

The goal of the project is to provide an added value chain for existing biogas plants through a combination of extraction and biogas production.

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Spartina maritima as Biorefinery Feedstock

Link Zur SaliChem-ProjektwebseiteIn February 2016 we reported preliminary results of thermochemical digestion of Spartina maritima obtained in connection with the CORNET project SaliChem. The project was concluded in December 2016.

The halophyte Spartina maritima was identified as a highly promising raw material for the extraction of phytochemicals and for use as biomass for biorefineries and biogas plants.

These results prompted PFI Biotechnology and the Belgian research institute Celabor to develop a biorefinery concept based on Spartina maritima.

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