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Dr. Stefan Dröge

«Get out and about!» is our watchword, and this issue of our Newsletter clearly shows that our trickle-flow reactors are anything but ivory towers:

We represented PFI at the Berlin Innovation Day, we are currently installing a plant for phosphorus recovery at a local sewage works, and together with an external partner we have further refined the Power2Gas technology installed in the demonstration plant at Pirmasens-Winzeln Energy Park and thus brought it to market maturity.

We are indeed constantly «out and about»!

Any feedback or questions would be most welcome: Just call us or write. And please pass our Newsletter on to colleagues and other interested persons.

Wishing you a pleasant read

Dr. Stefan Dröge




PFI at «Mittelstand» Innovation Day

Link zu den Berichten auf der PFI-WebseiteOn 7 June 2018 the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs held the 25th «Mittelstand» Innovation Day.

PFI was again among the exhibitors with its own stand and presented current results of an ongoing research project concerning biomass utilisation.

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Phosphorus Recovery Project

Link zur LfL-WebseiteIn the spring of 2019 the Felsalbe sewage works in Pirmasens is due to start operating a phosphorus recovery unit.

It is being built on the basis of a research project conducted by PFI and the Pirmasens Waste Water Disposal Operation. Construction is well underway.

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Efficient Fine Tuning for Power2Gas

Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)

Within the framework of a cooperative project entitled «Process-engineering and Microbiological Optimisation of Biological Methanation in a Pressurised Trickle-flow Process», PFI together with the company Reiner Schmitt GmbH have successfully implemented technological and process-engineering innovations in the demonstration plant at Pirmasens-Winzeln Energy Park in order to bring P2G technology to market maturity.

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Energy and Cosmetic Ingredients from Vegetable Residues

Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)

In the meanwhile completed BYPROVAL research project, PFI Biotechnology and the Belgian research institute Celabor together investigated the extraction of valuable ingredients from selected residues from fruit and vegetable cultivation.

The main focus was on residues from pea processing (stalks, leaves, pods), apple pomace, and carrots, which are rich in valuable secondary plant substances.

The goal was to generate additional income for existing biogas plants by a combination of extraction and biogas production.

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