Dr. Stefan DrögeIn our work on the new research project “HydroProCellu” we are currently investigating how biofuels and other valuable bio-based products can be produced from straw.

The project “Agriwastevalue” is similarly exciting: Together with partner institutes we are developing a new value chain for essentially residue-free utilisation of waste products from fruit growing and viticulture to produce bio-based substances of use in cosmetics, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and in the chemical industry.

Moreover, PFI can very soon benefit from the high-precision analytical technique Single Cell ICP-MS which will be a real boon to numerous projects because it permits targeted optimisation of fermentation processes.

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Presentation of PFI’s P2G Technology
Generates Avid Interest

Link zur Website der InfotageExperienced practitioners and highly competent scientists came together for the Biogas Info Days 2019 held at Ulm on the 30th and 31st of January. 

In the course of the Science Forum at the Biogas Info Days, PFI’s Benjamin Pacan presented Germany’s most advanced P2G plant technology, which has been implemented by PFI and other partners at Pirmasens Energy Park and is undergoing constant expansion and optimisation.

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Renewed Successful Participation in Biogas Round Robin Tests

In 2018 our laboratory participated in two round robin tests relating to biogas – once again successfully: In addition to the biogas round robin test of the Bavarian State Institute for Agriculture (Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft, LfL), in which PFI has participated for several years, the KTBL-VDLUFA round robin test for biogas yields was also included in the program.

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Valuable Straw-derived Enzymes for a Sustainable Energy Supply

Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)The objective of the new research project “HydroProCellu“ is to produce cellulases in straw hydrolysates obtained by thermochemical pre-treatment of wheat straw.

These cellulases can be used to break down remaining cellulose in pre-treated straw and to produce biofuels or other high-quality bio-based products from the resulting sugar solutions.

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Bio-based Products from Fruit Growing and Viticulture Residues

Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)The exploitation of new, hitherto unused residues for the production of bio-based products is an important aspect in the development of a bio-based economy.

The goal of the new “Agriwastevalue“ project is to create an innovative value chain for novel bio-based products in the areas of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and the chemical industry with an almost hundred percent utilisation of the residues. This is to be demonstrated for the example of agricultural residues from fruit growing and viticulture.

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Focus on the Cell: High Resolution Natural Product Analysis at a Cellular Level

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PFI will in future be using an innovative measuring technique for the targeted optimisation of fermentation processes: So-called Single Cell ICP-MS permits determination of concentrations of process-relevant nutrients and trace elements in the bacterial cell. This will lead to considerable advances in medium optimisation and medium recycling in the Power2Gas process as well as in the use of trace elements in biogas plants.

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