Dr. Stefan DrögeOur plants at Pirmasens-Winzeln Energy Park have proved to be a very popular showpiece, also in times of election campaigns: We have had visits by high-level politicians on a state and even federal level.

And this is not just a passing trend: The number of requests for viewing appointments continues to increase day by day. It is, of course, particularly gratifying for us to receive such confirmation that we are developing truly future-oriented technologies and for us to have the opportunity to present them to an ever-wider audience.

This Newsletter will provide insights into our new research projects and how they follow on from work already completed. You will see: We shall soon have a solution for biotechnological utilisation of scrap dough from cutting out biscuits!

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a good start to a successful 2018.

Dr. Stefan Dröge




PFI Technology Attracts Leading Politcians

Link zu den Berichten auf der PFI-WebseiteThe Pirmasens-Winzeln Energy Park was definitely one of the places to be for leading politicians during the federal electoral campaign: Simone Peter, party leader Alliance 90 / The Greens, and Anton Hofreiter, group chairman of the same party, visited the park and showed avid interest in PFI technologies and equipment.


Successful Participation in the 11th LfL Biogas Round Robin Test

Link zur LfL-WebseiteIn 2017 the Bavarian State Institute of Agriculture (Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft, LfL) undertook its 11th Round Robin Test in the field of biogas production.

Our PFI biotechnology laboratory was successful in all areas in which it participated, thus reconfirming the quality of our analyses.

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More Power for P2G Plants

Read the full article (pdf)Development of reliable long-term storage solutions for cushioning the pronounced fluctuations in power generation by wind turbines and solar installations is a key challenge of the German energy turnaround.

The Power2Gas (P2G) Technology is the most promising technological approach to solution of the power storage problem.

PFI is conducting intense research in this area. A new two-year research project which started in September 2017 aims to significantly improve the performance of P2G plants.

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«SucciniGas»Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Artikel (pdf) Project

The project, started jointly by PFI Biotechnology and the US University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) at the beginning of October 2017, bears the title «Integrated Succinic Acid Production Using Xylose from Lignocellulose and Carbon Dioxide from Biogas and Ethanol Fermentation – SucciniGas».

The principal focus is on the production of succinic acid by adapted microorganisms which can synthesise succinic acid from xylose and CO2.

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Raw Materials from Waste Water?

Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)Limited resources and increasing world market prices for phosphorus fertilisers make the recovery of phosphorus from sewage sludge an increasingly interesting prospect.

Back in 2011 a feasibility study conducted jointly by PFI and the City of Pirmasens showed that some 50 percent of the phosphorus present in waste water can be recovered by a novel process.

After systematic further development considering aspects of sustainability and energy saving, the new process for phosphorus recovery is to be implemented by the City of Pirmasens in a pilot plant.

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Bio-based Products and Sustainable
Energy from Bread and Dough Residues

Lesen Sie den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)Combined material and energetic utilisation of waste from food production and the agricultural sector has long been a major research topic at PFI Biotechnology.

By embarking on a new research project entitled «Development of Processes for Combined Material and Energetic Utilisation from Residual and Waste Materials from the Food Industry for Production of Biobutanol and Biogas» (abbreviated as «Waste4Butanol&Biogas») we can further augment our expertise in the important area of bioeconomics.

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